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Difficult Decisions Made Easier Through Assessment

When frailty, an accident or an operation causes a need for additional care at home, determining the kind and amount of care someone requires is a difficult task. Each person’s situation is unique, and there is no “one size fits all” answer to elder care. Relevar Home Care is qualified to assess for home care needs and hopes that by understanding the benefits of a thorough assessment prior to determining a care plan, you will call Relevar Home Care as a first step when care needs present, to determine what kind of home care or elder care is needed.

A comprehensive geriatric assessment of overall health status begins with a screening process using simple, rapid, inexpensive, and internationally validated scales to rate cognitive function, affective status, gait (walking and balance), autonomy, and nutrition. Assessments are available through Relevar Home Care. These resources and links are provided as an educational resource for those who are interested in answers to some home care questions.

Web Resources:

Click the links below to access resource websites to learn more about how assessments can make difficult decisions about eldercare easier.

Understanding the Language of a Basic Assessment for Functioning
Usage of some standard tools to assess activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living has become a starting point for one assessment of determining care needs. Many types of care, medical, non-medical and insurance coverage oftentimes use these tools as a starting point.

The Importance of a Care Assessment
This site provides information on the importance of a care assessment as well as how to arrange for an assessment and what to expect during and after the assessment.

Study on Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments Finds Success in Reducing Disability
This classic article uses coordinated multidisciplinary geriatric assessments to see if rehabilitation services can reduce disability.