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Accident Recovery

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Car Accident Physical Therapy & Recovery

Relevar Home Care’s goal in working with auto accident survivors is to help them regain as much of their independence as possible.

To begin the process, a registered nurse/case manager will assess the survivor’s current medical condition and skill level, then review this information with the survivor’s external case manager. Based on these findings, as well as the wants and needs of the survivor, Relevar Home Care will form a car accident rehabilitation team from its professional home care staff. The Relevar recovery team will develop a plan of action that aggressively promotes the survivor’s road to independence. Communication with the external case manager or insurance company will be completed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Workers’ Compensation

Relevar Home Care’s goal in working with employees injured on the job is ensuring proper care and getting them back to work as healthy and as quickly as possible. 

A registered nurse/case manager will complete an initial assessment of the employee and a Relevar recovery team will be assembled based upon the individual’s needs. Communication with the external case manager or insurance company is completed on a weekly basis.

A Team of Professionals to Aid in injury Recovery

Our team of professionals can manage both auto accident recovery and workers’ compensation recovery from start to finish with a dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals:

Occupational Therapy

Relevar Home Care’s occupational therapists (OTs) help patients resume self-care activities important to daily living, while working to improve functions in the patient’s hands and upper body. 

Each member of our OT team is certified by the State of Michigan and can provide:

In-Home Physical Therapy

Relevar Home Care’s physical therapists (PTs) are highly trained and experienced, and receive ongoing education in new and innovative therapy instruction and techniques. Each member of our PT team is certified by the State of Michigan and is trained to help clients maintain and improve movement and function of joints and limbs. 

Some of the services PTs provide include:

Speech Language Pathologists

Relevar Home Care’s speech language pathologists work with clients to improve verbal communication skills and to correct swallowing disorders. Clients regain self-confidence in their ability to speak effectively and feel comfortable learning safe swallowing techniques. 

Services can include:

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