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Top Four Warning Signs of Elder Abuse in Senior Living Communities

Elder abuse happens everywhere including facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. There are many warning signs to watch for when it comes to elder abuse. We recently helped a family move their mom out of a senior living community after the staff was found to be abusive and neglectful. Below, find our top four signs of elder abuse that could occur inside a senior living community.

  1. Bruises, welts, cuts, broken glasses

Bruises are the number one sign of elder abuse. When visiting your loved one, be sure to look for any signs of physical violence; are their glasses crooked, did the side break off? Does your loved one have bruising on their arms, legs, stomach… their eyes?

  1. Weight Loss/dehydration

Dehydration and weight loss can indicate that your loved one is not receiving the proper nutrition they need.  If your loved one is unable to feed themselves, is the staff assisting in helping with eating and drinking?

  1. Living Conditions

An unclean living environment is a health hazard. Failing to provide a clean living environment for residents can be neglectful.  A few examples of unsanitary living conditions include soiled sheets, dirty adult briefs and uncleaned bathrooms, all of which could cause infections, wounds and/or illness.

  1. Change in demeanor

There may be no physical evidence that your loved one has been a victim of abuse. Being verbally abusive is just as hurtful and powerful as being physically abusive. Monitor the demeanor of your loved one when visiting. Are they typically outgoing and now appear withdrawn or fearful when staff is providing care, this could be a sign that your loved one has been a victim of abuse.