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Top 7 Basic Questions To Ask A Home Care Agency

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There are many questions that are important to ask when qualifying a home care agency. But, if you have never been faced with the challenge of finding an agency that is qualified and a good fit, where do you start? With many different categories of questions to ask, our team in home care in Rochester, MI and the surrounding areas have provided the top 7 basic questions to ask a home care agency.

1. How long has the agency been in business?
Are they an established business or are they relatively new?

2. What is the agencies coverage area?
Does your loved one live within the coverage area of the agency?

3. Does the agency have long-term, satisfied clients?
What is the average length of service? Why are the clients satisfied?

4. What kinds of care can be provided?
Can the agency provide companion care? Are they able to provide high skilled care, including end of life?

 5. Is there a fee for an initial assessment?
Does the agency charge for a representative to meet with you and your loved one?

 6. Is someone available 24/7 to take my call?
Will you be able to reach a live person at all times to discuss services, schedule changes, etc.?

 7. What is the minimum number of hours per shift?
Does the agency have a minimum number of hours required per shift? Does that fit within the amount of care that is needed?

All too often, family members are not sure where to begin when they call a home care agency. These basic questions are a great starting point for finding an agency that will be a good fit.

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