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Top 5 Signs Home Care May Be Needed

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Are you concerned that a loved one may be in need of home care but not sure what signs to look for? Below are the top 5 signs that home care may be needed.

1. Weight Loss

Unknown medical conditions could contribute to weight loss. It is important to consult with a medical professional. Weight loss could occur when seniors are not able to cook for themselves. They may have a hard time reaching for ingredients or utensils and might have a hard time reading labels. Also, losing interest in eating or drinking is common for seniors. It is difficult to enjoy eating if the senses of smell and taste have gone.

2. Hygiene

If bathing, oral care or laundry start to become neglected, it may be a sign home care is needed. Relevar Home Care can provide assistance with bathing, oral care and laundry to ensure your loved one keeps up with daily hygiene routines.

3. Appearance of Home

Are main living areas kept tidy; bathrooms, kitchen, living room, bedrooms? In our experience, one of the most common indicators that care is needed is burnt pots and pans. Seniors may become forgetful and walk away while they are cooking. Dirty bathrooms and cluttered living rooms are also indicators that home care may be needed.

4. Falls

Is your loved one able to confidently and safely maneuver through their home? Are falls becoming more frequent? Are they using ambulation devices as directed to avoid falls?

5. Medications

If your loved one has experienced any of the following, it could be a sign that home care is needed:

  • Forgotten to take medications
  • Doubling up on doses
  • Wrong medication taken

If you believe a loved one may need home care, contact us online or at 586-493-7677.

For a full list of warning signs, download our free Warning Signs That Care is Needed checklist.