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Top 4 Warning Signs of Caregiver Stress

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Caregiver stress can happen even to the best caregivers.  It is important to know the warning signs of caregiver stress so that we are able to help ourselves or others if it occurs. Stress can often lead to irritable outbursts that could significantly damage the relationship between caregiver and client. Here are the top 4 warning signs of caregiver stress.

1. Sleeplessness

Struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep at night because you are constantly thinking of the “what-ifs” with your client.

 2. Exhaustion

Exhaustion can occur if you are not getting enough sleep. Consequently, this could cause you to have a difficult time completing daily tasks and you may find yourself saying “I’m too tired to do this”.

 3. Irritability

Having a short temper or lack of patience can be a sign of caregiver stress.  You may find yourself saying phrases like “go away!” or “leave me alone!” in times of frustration.

 4. Lack of Concentration

You may find yourself having a difficult time focusing on tasks that you could normally do without even thinking. With the extra effort put forth to complete these tasks, important events such as appointments or a loved ones birthday may easily be forgotten.

If you believe you or someone you know is experiencing signs of caregiver stress, click here to download our free resource guide, “Reducing Caregiver Burn-Out”.