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Top 3 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is a disease which causes issues with thinking, behavior and memory.
Here are the top 3 warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

1. Memory loss affecting daily life

When memory loss starts to affect everyday life it may be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Quickly forgetting information that was just presented, forgetting important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries, and asking for the same information repeatedly are all signs that memory loss may be starting to affect daily life.

2. Confusion with time and place

Those suffering from Alzheimer’s may have trouble keeping track of current dates or the concept of time. They may also have trouble remembering where they are, how long they have been there, and even how they got there.

 3. Trouble with words

Having trouble remembering what certain items are called is common in Alzheimer’s patients. For example, Alzheimer’s patients may forget the word “calculator” and say “you know the thing that does math for you”.  In addition, ending conversations in the middle of a sentence because they forgot what they were talking about or repeating what they have already said is also common.

If you believe a loved one may be showing any warning signs of Alzheimer’s, download our free Memory Screening Questions resource sheet. This resource sheet lists questions that you may find helpful in determining if a loved one should be seen by a physician to be evaluated. Contact Relevar Home Care, the experts for Alzheimers care Rochester MI residents deserve, for assistance.