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Holiday Celebrations: Tips for Including Seniors

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No matter the time of year, it is important to include elderly loved ones in on the holiday celebrations. Taking the necessary steps to ensure it is as stress free as possible can ensure success. Here are a few things to consider when planning an outing with your elderly loved one and ways to include them in on the holiday celebrations.

Obstacles to consider:

  1. Will there be a lot of walking? If so, is your loved one able to get around comfortably?
  2. Does the destination have stairs or is it wheelchair accessible? Is there adequate seating?
  3. Does the destination have restrooms nearby? If not, what are other options?
  4. Consider the weather for the day (or duration of the event), what types of clothing will be needed?

Before you leave the home:

  1. Prepare all necessary medications that need to be taken.
  2. Pack appropriate clothing and personal care items they may need while visiting.
  3. Pack snacks and drinks in case of any delays.

Fun ways to include your loved one:

  1. Invite them over to assist you with decorating or assist them in decorating their home.
  2. Take a family drive through decorated neighborhoods or attend local parades or lighting ceremonies.
  3. Assist your elderly loved one in attending parties, especially at senior centers. These parties are a great social time with fun games and music for them to enjoy.  Here is a list of all Senior Centers in the state of Michigan.

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