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Why Happiness is Healthy and Those Who Feel Younger Live Longer

Happiness HealthyMany scientific studies have found a connection between psychological and physical well-being. A review of more than 200 studies back in 2012 found a connection between positive psychological attributes (i.e. happiness, optimism and life satisfaction) and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers published these findings in the journal Psychological Bulletin.
Of course, it’s not as simple as being happy to prevent heart attacks. People who have a positive and optimistic mindset tend to be more likely to engage in healthy behaviors. These studies only show associations, but it can be speculated that positive mental states have a direct effect on the body. A study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that people ages 60 and older and said they enjoyed life less were more likely to develop disability over an 8 year period. It is also important to consider both genetics and the environment. Genetics plays a big role in happiness as well as the environment. If your baseline mood is low in general, it may be beneficial to engage in certain therapies that have proven useful for elevating psychological well-being. Read more about happiness and well-being HERE. Lying about your age may be the very thing that helps you live a longer life. If you truly believe that you are younger than you really are, a new study shows that you are among a group of people with a lower death rate compared to those who felt their age or older. This new study includes data from over 6,400 people averaging slightly less than 66 years of age who reported that they felt a little less than 10 years younger. When researchers followed up on these people over the next 8 years, only a little over 14% of those who “felt younger” had passed away compared to 24% who reported feeling their actual age or older. Read more about age perception and life span HERE.